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Mukyoku: Compositions for Giant Zen Bamboo Flutes on CDBaby!

Cornelius Boots: Mukyoku: Compositions for Giant Zen Bamboo Flutes



Taimu without the holes! Available here

MU shakuhachi are long, extra wide shakuhachi without holes! Made from the same bamboo as Taimu Shakuhachi, these flutes are made for low, breathy, meditative Ro blowing and harmonics.

New instructional DVD for Taimu by Cornelius Boots 

Composer Cornelius Boots of the bass clarinet quartet (Edmund Welles) is in the process of composing for and developing an instructional DVD for Taimu Shakuhachi.  

Cornelius Boots - "These pieces are written as etudes, or learning pieces, specifically for the large-bore, lower-pitched Taimu shakuhachi flutes.  They are intended to complement any honkyoku or other pieces that you might be studying or playing on the Taimu.  The primary stylistic inspirations are honkyoku and Mississippi blues.  They vary in difficulty level but all of them can be approached slowly or as just a few select phrases that might resonate with your own approach to Taimu.  These pieces can of course be played on any other type of shakuhachi, especially 2.4 or bigger, but as Chikuzen-sensei points out, with shakuhachi, certain flutes fit certain songs, and vice-versa; also the flute/player connection will determine what songs are more appropriate at a given time. The series will include 27 pieces of varying length and difficulty, most for solo Taimu, some for two.  Recorded versions (mp3s), scores (pdfs), and explanations and suggestions will be available when the series is complete."  

About the composer:  
Cornelius Boots is a single-reeds and flutes performer and instructor specializing in the bass clarinet.  He has studied shakuhachi for 8 years with Michael Chikuzen Gould.  As a composer he has focused on expanding the repertoire for his own instruments and ensembles of original design, with a special emphasis on the bass clarinet quartet (Edmund Welles) for which he has created 38 original compositions and 21 arrangements since 1996.  His most recent ensemble, Sabbaticus Rex, combines shakuhachi and Taimu with large ambient gongs and the Bazantar, an upright bass with sympathetic strings. 

Listen to one of the pieces here: Mysteries 


New Taimu Recording

Michael Chikuzen Gould plays Taimu Shakuhachi on the
track "Komuso Nagashi" on the new CD "Monshogodo." 
Sebastien Gishin Cyr accompanies Micheal with Buddhist

Listen to Komuso Nagashi

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