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Mujitsu Taimu Shakuhachi 

The "Big Nothing"
Taimu shakuhachi are long, wide bore flutes with a deep, airy, expressive tone. I've been working closely with Brian Tairaku Ritchie for a number of years developing this particular style of shakuhachi. My concern when building these flutes is finding a 'glowing' tone quality. This glow is very different than the focused, pure tone of thinner bored shakuhachi. 

This flute design is characterized by a wide bore, which gives the flute its natural, raw, windy tone. The holes are also relatively large and sharply undercut to smooth the playability and open up the volume. The design approach is minimal. There is no utaguchi and little or no ji paste added to the bore. Bores are lightly coated  with urushi as a functional addition. This helps protect the bamboo from climate changes. It also slightly increases the tone projection of the flute.

The term Taimu seemed to be a logical name for this style of flute. It was formed by combining Brian's professional name Tairaku with  Mujitsu Shakuhachi. Taimu can be loosely translated as "The Big Nothing."

Please contact me for availability or to reserve a flute.

Mukyoku - Pieces for Taimu Shakuhachi

By Cornelius Boots


Taimu Fingering Charts

Taimu Instructions and Playing PDF. Level 1. Cornelius Boots. 19 pages.

Taimu Video

The Taimu Shakuhachi Story 
with Ken LaCosse and Brian Tairaku Ritchie

How to Hold Taimu Shakuhachi
Ken LaCosse

Taimu Shakuhachi Finger Placement #1
Cornelius Boots

Taimu Shakuhachi Finger Placement #2
Cornelius Boots

Taimu Shakuhachi Tone Exercises
Cornelius Boots

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