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Shakuhachi Repair

Mujitsu Shakuhachi offers a complete repair service for shakuhachi; including crack repair and binding, utaguchi replacement, nakasuke joint adjustment and interior lacquer. Prices are averages and subject to change depending on the degree of repair necessary. Shipping and insurance charge not included. Please feel free to contact me regarding any repair needed. 

Inlaid rattan binding is an aesthetically pleasing method of repairing cracks in the bamboo. Strong cord is bound underneath, then covered with rattan flush to the bamboo.

Rattan also adds a visually understated elegance to the nakasuki joint.

Nylon binding is an economical alternative to rattan. It is very strong and is not invasive to the bamboo. Each binding is painted with urushi lacquer (black or dark red) to fuse the cord together. Usually 10 or 11 bindings are enough to bind the entire flute.

Utaguchi Replacement

Utaguchi replacements are available in horn, ebony, various hardwoods, and acrylic. Kinko, Tozan, and Myoan.

Nakasuke Joint Adjustment
Over the years, the nakasuke joint often wears down with use. (see photo) Very hard finish urushi lacquer is used to build up the joint for a snug fit.

Re-lacquering the Bore
2-3 coats of black or red urushi lacquer.

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